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Product Suppliers

Mac Trailer

Platform Trailers- Mac is a leader in aluminum flatbeds and custom builds each trailer to suit the specific requirements and payloads of individual customers. Mac builds tandem and multi axle trailers; Step Decks with an aluminum transition;  Aluminum B-trains with the all aluminum B-train stinger; pup trailers; and  the world’s first all aluminum extendable trailer available in tandem to four axle suspensions.  Mac also offers various beams to suit different operations; 52k, 60k, 72k, and is the first to offer an 80k beam suitable for hauling a single 80,000 lb. coil.

Dump Trailers- Mac builds more dump trailers than any other manufacturer in North America.  They offer a wide range of custom built dump trailers: smooth sided dumps featuring the MAC Vertical Panel MACLOCK®, sheet & post dumps, frame & frameless steel & aluminum half round, and the steel demolition trailer.

Pneumatic Tank-  Mac's PneuMACtic tank trailer is designed with user friendly  features like the double hand rails and has a high level of aerodynamics to improve fuel mileage. Whether your dry bulk transporting involves cement, sand, plastic pellets, flour, sugar, or feed Mac offers a size compatible tanker and piping discharge to meet your needs. 

Walking Floor / Tippers-  Mac is the largest North American manufacturer of walking floor trailers.  They are Manufactured to withstand the harsh rigors of loading, transporting and unloading of bulk commodities.  Choose from Classic Sheet & Post or “MVP” Smooth Side. 

Cross Country Trailers

Cross Country Trailers is emerging as one of Canada’s quality built multi-axle flatbed, aggregate dump, tag, and specialty trailer manufacturers. Cross Country is committed to building durable and reliable trailers to serve a wide range of industry applications. Known for their innovation, Cross Country is responsive to their customers unique requirements and has built a dealer support network that offers a best-in-class product for the industry.

Strick Custom Trailers Strick is the premier manufacturer of custom dry freight semi-trailers. Since, 1937, Strick has dedicated its trailer manufacturing expertise to meeting customer needs by developing new and innovative dry van trailers that can lower repair costs and reduce your down-time.
  Select from the 99” wide plywood lined sheet and post van; 100.5" plastic lined TF1 and  up to the 101.5” Amour Plate Van.  Strick also provides specialty trailers such as drop frame vans; furniture vans and custom trailers to suit your needs. They will also install tailgates, heaters, and decaling at the factory to reduce cost and down time.

XL Specialized Trailer Inc. XL builds specialized trailers such as Hydraulic Detachable Gooseneck floats, Mechanical Detachable Gooseneck floats, Hydraulic Detachable Extendables, Towermate II, and the Slider Tilt & Loads just to name a few.  XL’s products serve the agriculture, construction, wind energy, oil, gas, and commercial transportation markets.
XL strives to be the number one manufacturer in quality and workmanship. 

Talbert Talbert Manufacturing Inc engineers and manufactures to customer specifications a wide variety of heavy haul trailers and specialized transportation equipment. Located in NW Indiana, Talbert has been serving the transportation industry since 1938 covering commercial, military, government, aerospace, and energy applications.