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Service & Parts: 1 (888) 550-3788


Transport Trailer Sales was started as a one man operation in 1995 and has achieved success through relationships of trust and respect with customers and suppliers as well as an excellent sense of market conditions and timing.

Establishing a niche as the place to sell and buy equipment, combined with a reputation for quality service and superior specifications.

Our dedicated and professional staff is an integral part of our success,stressing excellent customer service and long term relationships.

Nick Lambevski

8085 Esquesing line
Milton, Ontario, L9T 9E3



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Our Team

Nick Lambevski
[email protected]

Vice President
Cheryl Lambevski

General Manager
Gord Box
[email protected]

Susann Grant
[email protected]

Product Specialist
Mat Box
[email protected]
Product Specialist
Andy Staley
astale[email protected]

Product Specialist
Dunc Sinclair
[email protected]

Used Trailer Specialist
Andrew Spencer
[email protected]

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